Our Story

This story is really short, actually. It has two parts:

Part 1 - One T

 Our founder's name is Bret, and you may have noticed that it's spelled with one "t". When he would introduce himself, he always found himself saying,

"Hi, I'm Bret with one 't'."

This was annoying, mostly because Bret hates redundancy it didn't make sense why anyone would waste precious time and ink spelling it Brett, and yet that seemed (and continues to seem) to be the "normal" way to spell it.

He still says that same sentence today, except now it's:

"Hi, I'm Bret with Wunntee." 

Part 2 - Unlimited

 Inspired by Bret, we have always been over-the-top obsessed with efficiency. If taking 5 steps back before moving forward would save even one step in the long run, we take it every time. The reason is simple, our only real limitation in life is the number of seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, and years that each of us has to work with. By increasing our efficiency, we can decrease that limitation drastically. 


We provide a wide array of consulting services ranging from high-end strategic marketing consulting to health and nutrition coaching. All of our coaching products are focused on creating more efficiency and getting real results.

Digital Handyman Service

Many small businesses have to navigate the troubled waters of building their online presence by using a lot of outside resources. Most of those resources require massive upfront payments and provide services that those businesses aren't really ready for.

Our Digital Handyman service is a way to make the small, meaningful adjustments necessary to actually move the business forward on a day-to-day level, so that making larger investments not only makes sense, but it is profitable.