2 Steps Back, 5 Steps Forward - a business video shot in an unbusiness setting

This is a video about BUSINESS, shot in an extremely UNBUSINESS setting. Sometimes the best way forward is actually to turn around and reset.

Sometimes I have my best thoughts when I'm working out. And this is how I work out.

    I was walking my dog one day and these two ladies stopped me and asked which way to Balboa Park. 

    I turned around and pointed the way I'd just been coming, and said it's directly that way. So you'll want to:

    1. Head up this street until it ends
    2. Then follow it to the left
    3. Then right when that street is about to turn left again, you'll take a little side path down to the next street
    4. Turn left
    5. Follow that all the way up.

    They both looked at me a bit confused, and were like I thought it was easier to get there than that. Then it hit me, if they just turned around, it was two right turns and they were there.

    So I turned them around, said turn right at the next intersection, walk 3 blocks to Sixth, turn right, and then follow that all the way to the park. 

    Here's a map so you can get an idea:


    The point, of course, is sometimes you can't get so caught up in the direction you're going that you don't see an easier and better way of getting where you want to go. Sometimes turning around is faster than trying to muscle through.


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