Don't Trim Your Nose Hairs with a Chain Saw


"If you'll just step over here, I'll demonstrate how we trim our nose hairs..."

Ever woke up in the morning and thought: nose hairs are out of control, I wonder if there's enough gas in the chainsaw for a trim?

Probably not. I'd imagine you'd go into the bathroom, find the appropriate tool (tweezers, trimmers, etc) for that specific job.

It's not so much that you don't need a chainsaw, it's more that you don't need it for that.

Why, then, do so many business owners like yourself pay outrageous prices for services they don't actually need?

I see this all the time - a company really struggles because they have a small operational problem of getting data from one system to another. They shop around for agencies and services to help them solve that problem, and most (if not all) of the proposals that come back are for a job that is WAY beyond solving that one problem.

It's like if you needed your bathroom sink to be fixed, and the plumber came in and quoted that the entire house needed to be remodeled in order to better optimize the water flow from that sink.

It's not that the remodel is a bad idea at all. I don't use that analogy to dissuade you from big projects like that at all - it's more that a complete home remodel isn't what you need right now.

What you need right now is the bathroom sink fixed.

And then maybe to have a nicer shower head installed.

And then perhaps the disposal in the kitchen to be cleaned.

And then once those smaller problems are fixed and the house is running smoother, THEN it makes sense to bring in the big guns for the remodel.

The real benefit of solving small problems one at a time is the cost to you. Not only is it MUCH cheaper to have an expert come in and solve a specific problem, smaller projects like that take much less oversight from you. The problem is clear, and so your desired outcome is clear, which makes it super easy for someone to come in and solve that specific problem to your exact specifications, with you having to waste your time managing it.

So please, for the sake of the longevity of your business, don't try to solve the problem of overgrown nose hairs with a chainsaw.


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