Technology, Fear, and Embracing Change

I’m really excited about how far voice transcription technology has come in the last decade. I remember when my dad first got the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software, or whatever it was called, for our old PC that was running Windows 95. That program was terrible and you had to speak soooo slowly. It was a nightmare to use. But now, I’m literally dictating this blog post to a Google doc on my phone as I drive home from the gym. It’s pretty incredible.

That’s true of technology across the board I think. A lot of the technologies that have come have made it easier for us to do things that it was hard for us to do before. And I mean that in the sense that the time it takes to go from nothing to having something is decreased. Because there’s some tool or app or device that bridges the gap that used to exist.

Now I see this as both a good and a bad thing. And I guess the main point of this blog post is going to be pointing out the possible upsides and the possible downsides of all this new technology. Because the truth is the technology itself isn’t good or bad. Progress is simply progress. It just depends on what the progress does in relation to what you or I are currently doing. And what I mean by that is sometimes progress makes things obsolete. Or worse, sometimes it makes people obsolete. And obsoletion might be the most terrifying thing that anybody can be faced with. And so a lot of times people will oppose technology, or innovation, or progress in general, not because the progress isn’t good for humanity, but rather that it’s not good for them.

So I’m always wary of people who talk about progress and change in a negative light because to me that is indicative of a person who is trying to hold onto something because it’s comfortable, familiar, or easy. Personally, I have always loved change. I remember distinctly the first few times that Facebook started changing its layout. Everybody I talk to hated the new layout. And they all wanted it to go back to the way that it was. But I loved it. Every time they would change the layout, I was super excited to explore the new avenues and nuances of what I was able to do.

I’ve always liked change and new things. Not just with Facebook, but in all aspects of life. A lot of that has to do with the fact that I don’t believe that just because something is tried and true that it’s necessarily right. I don’t believe that just because “this is how it has been done”, that it’s how I should do it. And I definitely don’t trust anyone but myself to get results for me. That’s based on a deep-seated paranoia that I think I’ve had since birth, as well as a lot of experience with people trying to tell me how to live my life and it just not being the right thing for me.

{this is where we break from the dictated part of the post to me actually writing}

The bottom line is I’m the kind of person that needs to be burned by the stove before I decide to avoid it. I’m the guy that needs to try things for myself, not totally because I’m stubborn (which I am, that’s just not the point I’m making now), but rather because I need to feel why things are done a certain way. I need it to be something that comes from within, because one thing I absolutely can’t stand is when I can’t put my heart into whatever I’m doing.

Aaaaaaaanyway, how does that rant (which is a blog post all on its own) relate back to technology?

Sit tight, and I will tell you:

All change should be embraced as an opportunity for growth. Change should not be feared or ridiculed. Learning, experiencing, being part of something new is how we improve ourselves as a species. Shying away from change keeps the whole of humanity from whatever breakthroughs, whether personal or societal, lie beyond the horizon of that change. Change is not scary. Change is power.

So embrace change, is what I think I’m trying to say. Adopt new technologies. Learn new things. Don’t be afraid to be different than you were yesterday.

As an aside, I would refer you to the following blog post by my man Gary V. It hits this right on the head, but from a different angle: 


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